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07 May 2008 @ 02:55 pm

IF camp next month is not canceled (please, please pray for a lot of rain to fall between now and then in southern NM),

I am taking the beagle!

Bridey will SO love this.

Now, if I could JUST find her goddamn harness. She had it on after lunch...now I have a nekkid dog, and I have been through the house half a dozen times trying to find it!

07 May 2008 @ 09:16 am

Between a very long phone call, cable popping in and out, and a tornado warning, I just didn't manage any Dancing With the Stars voting on Monday.

But Marissa, my favorite, is staying anyway! I just love her, because if I were on that show, I'd probably react the same way she does.

No, she won't be in the top 3, but she deserves to be in the top 4. And she is.

The 100th episode celebration was pretty cool, although I was really hoping for at least SOME mention of Laila Ali's waltz when she blew the kiss at her dad...I thought it odd that she was not mentioned, interviewed, nada. Most other finalists were. Odd.

27 April 2008 @ 02:26 pm
That Alex will be here for Beltane after all. He's decided (and I completely agree) not to go on the Neosho interview.

Funny, I LIKE my spouse around for Beltane!
23 April 2008 @ 09:29 am

For some reason, cars just zoom through our neighborhood at night. It's kind of scary. I'm thinking a reflective harness for bedtime Bridey walkies might just be the thing. 

Also, note to self: find the doggy seat beltharness, see if it fits Bridey (Herman was much larger) and get her used to it BEFORE the move.
22 April 2008 @ 08:35 am
 Happy Earth Day everyone!

And an especially happy day to my sweetie, who I met 18 years ago today, and who asked me to marry him 8 years ago today :)

You're the best thing that ever happened to me!
My daughter and I are slobbering Dancing With the Stars fans. When my spouse (her daddy) isn't teaching a Monday night class, he joins us in the fun. Even if it's just Keely and I, we pop popcorn -- immediately making us popular with all three dogs -- and settle back for an hour or so of critiquing.

Well of course we missed Monday night's show because Keely and I were in the ER, but all three of us managed to catch last night's results show.

It's about time Priscilla was voted off.

Can we get Steve Guttenberg back now please?

And the little kids they're showcasing on the results show are adorable!!!

IF I watch "reality" shows (BIG IF) I normally go for the offbeat ones like Who Wants to be a Superhero or The Next Iron Chef or Nashville Star. But I have always wanted to learn how to do ballroom dancing (as soon as a) the kid is old enough to join in or b) we can find a regular babysitter) and so has my spouse. It's only a matter of time...

Plus, I grew up watching "The Addams Family" in the afternoons. Therefore, I am particularly interested in learning the tango.
13 April 2008 @ 03:23 pm

A lovely, low-stress weekend spent mostly in the company of my family. Yesterday was shopping and chores, today is schoolwork, editing, and sauerbraten in the crock pot (yes, the smell is about to make me NUTS!)

We got the small stone patio table out of storage, and while the kid was napping, A and I were able to work together at it -- he was grading, I was doing homework.

Lovely :)

07 April 2008 @ 08:11 am

Or rather, let's talk about the specifics of my physics of music class.

I bombed, bombed a physics test the Wednesday before spring break (almost 2 weeks ago). 

However, because of how my professor is grading the class, I'm still getting an A.

Out of a possible 26 or so points, I got 17 total. However, any points we earn over 20 is "extra credit."

So 17 out of 20 is 85%. 

85 and above is an A in this class.

Which is good, because it occurred to me in lab last Tuesday that I no longer have the faintest clue what he's talking about. It's like he and the rest of the class took some collective jump into the future and left me behind.

Seriously, I haven't the first clue. I more or less got the first 5 weeks' worth of material, and maybe understood some of the material for a week or two after that.

I am now utterly lost. I can't even tell someone what's being covered in hopes of some extra outside help, I'm that lost.

70 and above is a B. I will be content with a B, even though I still have an A.

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01 April 2008 @ 06:18 pm
My boss has diplomatically decided that this particular author and I "aren't a good fit" and we will not have to work together again.

Good boss.
01 April 2008 @ 11:25 am
Remember a few weeks back when I was having issues with an author whose work I was asked to edit?

If not, suffice to say she is notorious with this e-publisher for being snotty. Plus, she got really pissy at the amount of editing she was asked to do. (I'm sorry, but her prose sucks. Passive voice, weak verbs, an addiction to using dashes instead of commas, I could go on and on and on.)

Alas, my boss gave me another of this author's stories to edit.

So I did. And sent my changes to her on Saturday. I got this back today, via email:

There is, again, too much rewriting on the part of the editor. I will not rewrite this much of my work. So far I've refused most of the suggestions. 

Look, you stupid bitch. I am not doing this because I get my jollies covering your horrid story with red text to indicate suggested changes and my reasons for the suggestions. I am doing this in an effort to earn you more money.

Your prose stinks. Your attitude stinks. Around the time I was learning how to WALK, my father, a professional musician, taught me, " The good artists don't need an attitude." Think about it.

Fine. Refuse the suggestions. Your story will still suck.

You know, when lots of big stuff is going wrong with your life, the little fucktard stuff just makes it that much worse.
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